The Shooting Day Tuesday 21st June 2016:

The Shooting Day at Michael Aldiss’s Shooting School was another successful event. Regulars and novices alike all shared in the excitement of blasting away with 12-bore, and 20-bore shotguns, as well as the rather quieter and gentler .22 gas driven air rifle. Michael’s tuition included many shooting disciplines; single clays through the air, followed by rolling “rabbit” clays and eventually double clays flying through the air. The standard of marksmanship, or more correctly, markspersonship, was exceptional, especially by Keith, Tony and Becky, who all made it look so easy. The day’s novice (Andrew Kaye 1953) found the weight of the shotguns a surprising challenge after about 25 shots and the gun started getting out of control and wavering about, much to Michael’s consternation; “Careful, it’s a bloody loaded weapon”. Well, one has to learn these skills!  The exciting day ended with a superb 3-course meal at Michael’s son, William’s, new restaurant “The Cart Shed” at Thornwood. Get a booking there and you won’t be disappointed; there are some birds of prey on site as well.

Results:                 High Gun        1st Keith Bowden (1955)  42 points
                                                           2nd Becky Gemmill            39 points
                              Side by Side     1st Tony Tarling (Guest)   40 points
                                                           2nd Paul Bacon (Guest)    33 points
                              Air Gun Overall   winner            Keith Bowden(1955)
                                                          Joint 2nd       Becky & Kate Gemmill

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