Old Loughtonians 92nd AGM and Annual Dinner:  10th November 2017

This year’s AGM brought to an end the Presidency of Tony Mullins and the installation of Keith Pye as the new President of the Old Loughtonians Association and Michael Lane as his Vice-President. The Committee met prior to the Dinner and discussed many items of interest, apart from the presidency, including a reference to the Malawi School Project which the Committee felt would be a good project to continue supporting (photos below showing the progress of the school). Further information on this School Project also appears separately under Photos&News on this website.

The evening was a successful getting together of old acquaintances and “acquaintances of old”. Many “Old Loughts” only meet each other at this event and many happy memories are brought to mind and shared; although some of them rather painful, particularly involving the “boot room”.

Some “Old Loughts” this year came especially for this get-together from far afield; including Cornwall and Scotland and Southampton.

The new President was presented with gifts including books, photographs and a pith helmet!  from the Association.

This year, as with last year, we were privileged to be joined by Mr & Mrs Houston, the Headmaster and Senior Teacher at Loughton School, respectively, who many of us remember from the mid-1950s onwards. They wouldn’t remember each of us, but we all remember them with warm affection for their contribution to our futures.

The meal was very enjoyable, Graham Finch was Master of Ceremonies and the new President’s speech was most entertaining (photos below) and held our attention.

The President spoke of his career following Loughton School days, joining Ingersoll Rand, Pneumatic Engineers and ending up Regional Manager for a number of counties and with engineering contracts with Fords, P&O, BP and Chatham Naval Dockyards. Keith eventually moved to the IT industry as sales manager of a computer solutions company. Keith also mentioned his friendship with a journalist, Kenneth Harris, famous for his interview with Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson in 1970.  

Golfing Organiser, David Datson, spoke of the Old Loughtonians golfing competitions and awarded the cup to the overall winner, Roger Timms.

The evening included Remembrance Day thoughts and poppy sales, together with the role call of those Old Loughtonians who gave their lives in the wars.

All too soon the evening was over and a new Presidency ended its first day.